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Vertigo and NUCCA Chiropractic

One of the best ways to know if something works effectively is to ask those who have tried it before. Another will be to check if it has shown success throughout the years. Are you familiar with the NUCCA technique of upper cervical chiropractic care?

There was a case study observing a 37-year-old woman who had vertigo and neck pain, among other things. Upon palpation, radiographs, and thermography, the doctor discovered that the woman had a misalignment in her upper neck. After 2 ½ months of NUCCA chiropractic care for vertigo, her symptoms had resolved. 

Misalignments frequently occur due to any of the following incidents:

  • Car accidents

  • Sporting injuries

  • Whiplash

  • Concussions

  • Bumps or blows to the head or neck

  • Slipping, sliding, and falling accidents

NUCCA doctors apply only a highly precise, very gentle, and non-invasive procedure that realigns the misalignment in the upper neck bones. As a result, there is longer-lasting relief for patients. Numerous patients already experienced remarkable improvements in their various health issues through the NUCCA technique.


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