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Align Spinal Care has been dedicated to providing excellent care to everyone who has walked into our office for over 35 years. Having the only board certified NUCCA doctor in the Bay Area, our mission is to assess your individual health needs and then make a proper and precise correction to the misalignment in your neck with no cracking or popping. Utilizing the NUCCA protocol, we understand that once the misalignment is corrected it allows your body to heal and function optimally.


What we do.

NUCCA is a gentle, non-invasive chiropractic technique focused on adjusting the atlas vertebra 

in the upper neck to restore alignment.


Proper alignment promotes

HEALING and optimal function.

My mom has been suffering from pain caused by Trigeminal Neuralgia.  During the first couple years after her diagnosis, the medications prescribed by her neurologist helped to control the pain.  But after sometime, no amount of medication could seem to work.  A cousin found Dr. Zabelin and took her to him. After she had her first adjustment, my mom claimed she was able to have a good night's sleep, as the pain always kept her awake at night.  She had 2 more adjustments done and my mom felt much better after.  She even started to cut down on her medications after her treatments.

Bernadette C.