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Conquer Low Back Pain

Low back pain is really common and even more common since COVID shelter in place took into effect. There’s been lots of sitting, and sitting in the wrong places. People have found themselves doing work from the couch, from bed, from non-ergonomic work stations for months! This type of setup, or lack thereof, has created more back and postural problems. 

We take a really simple and gentle approach to your back problem; we align the head and neck so that the signals from your brain about posture can relay correctly. The neck is the command center for the muscles that control our posture. When the head and neck are off, this creates misfiring of the nerves to these muscles causing imbalances throughout the body. These imbalances put an abnormal load on our joints and cause them to get inflamed and irritated causing pain. Get to the root cause by scheduling an appointment today to get your body aligned and functioning better! 


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