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Don’t ignore the pain you are feeling, it’s your body’s way of telling you something isn’t working right and is alerting you to pay attention! Neck pain can come on gradually through repetitive stress like sitting at a desk for hours at a time, sleeping wrong or it can come from previous injuries like whiplash, sports injury, slip and fall, etc. or a combination of the two. Sometimes neck pain can develop into tingling and numbness down the arm and into the hand. This tells us a nerve is being compressed that runs down your arm and into your hand. Neck pain can also develop into headaches called cervicogenic headaches.

Finding natural solutions to neck pain is key. It’s such a delicate and neurologically active area of the spine that it deserves a special, in depth look at to get you feeling better.

How to help neck pain:

Align Spinal Care focuses on the upper neck because we know it’s the most important part of the entire spine. It sits close to the brainstem and can have a far reaching impact on our health, including chronic neck pain. When the structures in the neck become misaligned and shift off of center, this puts an abnormal load on the joints of the neck and causes inflammation and irritation. By gently bringing the head and neck back into alignment, we can take that stress off of the joints and get you feeling better. The sooner you seek care the better so we can get you feeling better and to avoid things like degeneration or disc problems. 

Our NUCCA doctors are trained to assess the head and neck for abnormal alignment and gently bring the structures to a more vertical position. The NUCCA protocol is gentle, specific, and safe. THere’s no cracking, twisting or popping involved. We help you get long term solutions for your spinal problems and get you feeling better without having to get adjusted often. 

We strongly recommend starting with the NUCCA assessment to detect the root cause of your neck pain.


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