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Q: What kind of problems can NUCCA care help?

Individuals seek out NUCCA care for numerous conditions. Many people know that NUCCA care can significantly improve neck and back related dysfunction. However, not everyone is aware that NUCCA can also improve conditions not normally associated with back and neck problems. Many individuals seek NUCCA care to improve migraines, digestive dysfunction, menstrual cramps, chronic fatigue, high blood pressure, fibromyalgia, trigeminal neuralgia, vertigo, and auto-immune conditions to name a few. These conditions can be secondary effects from a primary cause. NUCCA care addresses the primary cause by restoring the body's own innate ability to heal and function optimally.

Q: How can I know if you can help my problem?

NUCCA care has helped thousands of individuals with a broad spectrum of conditions regain their health. Anyone interested in improving their health is invited to contact us and request an appointment. A face to face consultation with our doctors will give you the opportunity to address your specific concerns so that you can decide if NUCCA care might be helpful in your case, or in the case of your child, without any long-term commitment.

Q: How long will it take to notice improvement?

The healing process takes time and every individual responds differently to treatment. Some patients feel immediate improvement even before they leave the office while others experience gradual improvement over time. If you were to break your arm, your medical doctor would realign the displaced bones and then provide a cast. You would be instructed to wear the cast for approximately six to eight weeks, the typical healing cycle for bone. Correction of spinal misalignments follows the same logic. If the integrity of the muscles and ligaments has been compromised, adequate time is necessary for these structures to heal in their aligned position. The longer a misalignment has been present, the more time is required for healing. Fortunately, most individuals heal quicker than they had expected.

Q: How often will I have to come?

This depends upon many factors specific to your situation. Our goal at Align Spinal Care is to give your body the opportunity to heal by creating a healthier structure. The longer you hold your adjustment, the stronger and more stable it becomes and the less often you will need to be checked. Generally speaking, you will need to come in less during NUCCA care than with other types of intervention.

Q: Why are you checking my feet if you are adjusting the top of my neck?

An atlas misalignment will cause a nerve center at the base of the skull to control the muscles in the low back improperly. When these muscles malfunction, it causes one leg to appear as if it is "shorter" by pulling one hip up. A NUCCA practitioner will see this phenomenon by checking the feet.

Q: Can children benefit from NUCCA care?

 Yes, NUCCA care is gentle and safe for children of all ages, beginning with infancy. Because the birth process can be traumatic, we recommend that children be checked for an atlas misalignment. In fact, this is an important time to be checked for a misalignment, because the newborn's nervous system is developing, governing every process in the body, and cannot do so properly without an aligned atlas vertebra.

Q: What can cause me to lose my alignment?

There are three categories of stress that can cause an individual to compromise their alignment, or become out of adjustment. The first is physical stress like a car accident or even sitting at a desk in the same position day in and day out. The second is chemical stress such as overloading with toxins. The third is mental-emotional stress that will manifest physically.

Q: If I feel fine, why do I need to keep my appointment and get checked?

The body can be misaligned for a long period of time before symptoms present. Someone can be out of alignment and not even know it. Once a misalignment is corrected, the body can heal enough to remove a symptom, but the underlying problem is not resolved. Our goal is to objectively measure whether or not your are holding your alignment so that we can adjust you before your symptoms return.

Q: Do I get adjusted each visit?

No. Individuals only get adjusted if they demonstrate an atlas misalignment, which is determined when the patient presents with a functional short leg. Visits are designed so that the patient can receive a correction only if a misalignment is present. If a misalignment is not present, the NUCCA practitioner will document necessary measurements to determine the changes and patterns the body is going through to properly manage progress.


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